The administrator of this blog, Melvin Hardy of Washington, DC, was born in the first half of the 2oth century, is a product of Philadelphia’s “Talented Tenth”, is a post WWII. Korean War, McCarthy and Eisenhower era product, came of age during the civil rights movement, formally educated as an Ivy Leaguer, conducted his graduate thesis in Africa, is a world traveler, with his wife, Juanita, has come to be an avowed arts and culture collector and advocate, and believes in the power and prowess of the creative classes to uphold the vision, and practice, of the best of humanity’s promise and destiny.  Mel is life-intentional in actively working for peace and prosperity for all humans, and for a world free from poverty, racism, discrimination, violence, and injustice.

Mel is a Human Development Economist by avocation, an artist in spirit, and is compassionate by nature.

Melvin Hardy’s Peace Blog is a forum for the exploration of our world’s best and brightest contributing to systems thinking to acculturate our world toward peace and prosperity.