UUA’s 2010 Statement of Conscience on Creating Peace

Dear Friends in Peace:

Mine is a more recent history in pro-peace activism, borne of an intentional internal reflection on my own pathing toward peacefulness, and peace activism expressed as “faith in action”.   I am tending to adopt a “rational humanism” approach to my discovery of conviction, and the construction of “the beloved community” seems to map to my predisposition in relationship building.  There is also my examination of the innovation impulses of the “creative classes” that has characterized the main features of my friendships of late.  In this I am most pleased.

Today, in preparation of an imminent day-long “Social Justice Workshop” to occur at All Souls Church in Washington, DC, I am reminded of my travels to Salt Lake City, UT in 2009 for the Unitarian Universalists General Assembly in which the national body was to consider passage of its Statement of Conscience on Peace, which actually did not pass at that Assembly.  I was there to support such passage, largely through my role with All Souls Church in the handling and management of the “Hiroshima Children’s Drawings (HCD)” (more later in another post).  While the HCD was positioned to support our approach to peace-making and reconciliation matters, and garnered great interest from members throughout the country, the importance of an Association-wide commitment to peace-making, -building, and -keeping was such that our leadership was left to further consideration of the varying perspective and reflections throughout the many congregations on such a commitment.  Passage came with the 2010 General Assembly, and its link is provided here:  UUA: Creating Peace.

I am delighted that there is much work being done by many individuals, civil society, faith based, think-tanks, and philanthropic groups  world-wide on the pro-peace agenda.   There is also evidence of a personal internal dissonance of many employees within our formal security infrastructure that wrestle with their faith convictions as they carry out their roles in executing the “Pillars of Policy”.    In this short post, please peruse the link above, and also post other expressions of a pro-peace nature.

My observations are that the interest remains in the appeal of building the beloved community where all of humanity’s members are valued, where the poverty of unmet human needs and personal aspirations are held and supported by the basic human values that inhere to each of us.  I am impressed with the thoughtful considerations of younger people in their considerations of environmental concerns and their deployment of newer technologies in connecting with each other around issues.  It is my fervent wish to join you in whatever modest contribution we can make together to the positive address of such human needs and personal aspirations of our human kin.

In Peace…


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