Mel Hardy’s Interactive Global Peace Manifesto In The Making!

“Let Peace Begin With Me”.  Welcome to Mel’s Peace Blog!

Over the course of the next several years, this blog will welcome global citizens of good spirit to muse on the notions of peaceful and harmonious relationships between and amongst all humans and their counterparts in creation. This site will seek only the highest of good for creation, and pedestalize each and every “culturally specific”expression of humanity.  Our dialogues will embrace the transcendent, countenance the Spirit of Life, and pursue our collective best knowledge, of the best of review and counsel, for our commonly held worldly experience.    Our interactive virtual conversations will support the transcendent beauty inherent in humanity, and will filter out that which does not support our interaction with same.  Our site is based on the principle that we are all leaders of the self, and we share governance as leaders in the interests of our common constituency: humanity.

Let’s learn together… Knowledge-based ennoblement of the spirit will enable our pathing to common destiny…in freedom, prosperity, beauty, and peace.  Let’s build together.

“Let Peace Begin With Me.”

In Spirit,


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